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Why Study
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At Obinana Travel and Tour we Seek to Satistfy

our clients and prospective students therefore we take time to prepare, Coach, and counsel students and clients on the best options available for them we guide our clients and students as well through the admissions process and take them through the document, accumulation stage, authentication, and verification Of certificates, transcripts and testimonials.

We work at putting clients and prospective international students in line with all the requirements of the Turkish embassy thereby making it much easier for prospective students to get their visas approved by the Turkish embassy. Yes, we pride ourselves on quality services and affordable charges, our selection of Turkish government universities that we have on board is mind-blowing, here you can find a list of programs which is offered by various universities. At this point, if you have finally decided to pursue higher education abroad. Why look elsewhere? Obinana travel and tour is here to assist you in compiling all documents needed in securing a Turkish student visa.


How To Apply


Applicant decides on programs he/she wishes to study, guided by our consultants; A free consultation would help the applicant choose the university and the appropriate program.


Applicant concludes on programme and a particular university he or she desires.


Registration; A one-time registration fee of 400gh cedis is paid to OBINANA TRAVEL AND TOUR, this is to purchase a study in turkey form.


Application and admissions in this stage your consultant will communicate all charges involved in your admission process, your consultants upon receiving 70% payment of your admissions make payment to the university to secure your admission letter from your desired university or college in the faculty you choose.


Document compilation and assessment: In this stage, your consultant compiles all documents provided by the applicants; these documents may include original WASSCE certificates, Turkish-size passports, transcripts, testimonials, birth certificates, sponsorship letters ETC.


Authentification of documents; in this stage, your consultant compiles all documents provided by the applicant and forwards these documents to the high court and the foreign affairs Ministry for legalization /notarization and authentication.

 (NB). Your consultant may ask for additional documents supporting your claim of pursuing higher education abroad in some cases.


Visa Application

Courses you can Study

Bachelors Degree Programmes

Master's Degree Programs

Accredited Turkish Universities

Karabük University

Karabük University is a public university in Karabük, Turkey. It was founded in 2007 as one of the 17 new universities of that time in Turkey According to the ranking among the best universities in the world published by Times Higher Education (THE) for 2020, Karabuk University was among the “Best 1000 Universities in the World”

Istanbul Bilgi University

Istanbul University is a prominent public research university located in Istanbul, Turkey. Founded by Mehmed II on May 30, 1453, a day after the conquest of Constantinople by the Turks, it was re-established in 1846 as the first Ottoman higher education institution based on European traditions.

Dokuz Eylul University
Istanbul Medeniyet University
Duzce University

Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering