Back-end ASP.Net MVC developers are in charge of the application’s server-side. They create the business logic, including the database and server. Back-end developers utilize languages such as JavaScript, Python, Ruby and C# for coding. An ASP.NET MVC developer creates new systems that offer support for existing applications.

For example, the data of a Listbox could be abstracted by implementing ListModel. As described in the UI Composing section, UI can be implemented by a ZUML document or in Java. For sake of description, ZUML is used to illustrate the concept and features. A proficient MVC developer should have a basic understanding of how web protocols such as HTTP and HTTPS work. In addition to this, applicants should demonstrate knowledge of the .NET Framework and be able to use one of its languages fluently, for example, C# or visual basic.


As with every pattern, there are advantages and disadvantages to the system. If a friend approached me with a simple website, I wouldn’t use DDD to set it up. But I can’t imagine doing something as complex as Train Station II in any other pattern. MVC does not support web page post back or server-side page and control events, thus ensuring applications closely adhere to the Stateless Protocol for web development. As VPO, Prem Khatri uses his expertise to help teams working with technologies to solve critical problems with projects.

Ivan has over 12 years of professional hands-on experience using a wide range of Microsoft technologies, mainly on enterprise web applications, security, internet, and serverless functions. His previous position was in a private company working as a senior .NET full-stack developer, software architect, and team leader. As a web developer, this pattern will probably be quite familiar even if you’ve never consciously used it before. This sounds very much like MVC, but MVC makes these components follow a more rigid pattern. MVVM is identical to the Presentation Model introduced by Martin Fowler.

How to Improve ASP.NET App Performance in Web Farm With Caching

Keep in mind that each developer’s rates are based on their qualifications which may vary based on their location. If you’re in the United States, offshore developers have better rates than those back home. An ASP.Net MVC development team can be based anywhere in the world. For instance, if you’re in the USA, you can hire offshore development teams in Africa or Asia and work remotely. The utilization of web API RESTful URLs makes ASP.NET MVC more appropriate for SEO (search engine optimization) because the developer can control HMTL and the URL to a greater extent. In ASP.NET Web Forms, on the other hand, URLs are not SEO friendly.

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ASP.NET MVC features ‘Layouts’ that give the web app a consistent look and feel. ASP.NET Web Forms, on the other hand, has ‘Master Pages’ that offer a consistent look and feel across all pages of the web application. It’s vital that you take into account several things during this process, such as the developer’s availability and the time zone difference between you and them.


We are a Palo Alto-based ‘deep’ jobs platform allowing talented software developers to work with top US firms from the comfort of their homes. A simple Tutorial is provided to guide you through your first steps with the MVC design pattern. When used with controllers, this controller can create a reference to a class that is used as a model. Class CL_BSP_MODEL is available for this (see also Data Connection).

  • The C# / .NET Full Stack Developer role will be working a part of a small team of developers, where you will have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the software being developed.
  • But overall, the cost of hiring an ASP.Net MVC developer starts from an average of $25 per hour, but it can rise to $100 depending on the app’s attributes, complexity and specifications.
  • An ASP.NET MVC developer creates new systems that offer support for existing applications.
  • ASP.NET MVC gives developers complete control of CSS, HTML and Java, while ASP.Net WebForms gives developers limited control of CSS, HTML and Java.
  • A controller will usually call a view instance for creating the HTML / XML output.
  • ASP.NET MVC is the most popular and widely used framework for creating web applications among .NET technology.

As indicated above, it’s not easy, and this is evident because thousands of companies are looking to hire proficient ASP.NET MVC developers from a limited pool. This shortage means that hiring is expensive and time-consuming. For example, the Customer view will include all the UI components such as text boxes, dropdowns, etc. that the final user interacts with. You might however also want to just update the view to display the data in a different format, e.g., change the item order to alphabetical, or lowest to highest price. In this case the controller could handle this directly without needing to update the model. Our online task wizard lets you build tests using your own resources.

The model is used to obtain all necessary application data from the database. It represents the internal data structures and corresponds to the Application Class used in the remaining BSP programming model. The model is responsible for carrying out the central actions of reading, modifying, blocking, and saving data.

All we want is a list of the name, quantity and price of each item we need to buy this week. Below we’ll describe how we could implement some of this functionality using MVC. This app will let users create tasks and organize them into lists. Much of the idea behind DevSkiller testing, is that HR recruiters who may have little knowledge of tech can still hire qualified tech developers without needing to be technically-minded themselves. Some developers also use template engines like Handlebars, ejs, and liquidjs to implement the view.


ASP.NET MVC is the most popular and widely used framework for creating web applications among .NET technology. It allows for the easy creation of web applications by utilizing a model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern. I tried to approach the whole architecture in the view of things I knew. I used to be a full stack developer who could create a whole project without any difficulties.

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